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Monday, January 19, 2009


Salt Lake City, UT


I actually touched soil in Salt Lake City!  I’ve flown through the SLC airport probably 40 times this year (it’s a Delta hub,) but have never been outside the security checkpoint.  Until now.


ING, who is the primary supporter of the National Teacher of the Year program, also supports The Creative Coalition, a group of filmmakers, artists, producers, and others who work to promote social change through various creative media.  They are also very active at the Sundance Film Festival.  So I was invited to come give a few remarks and enjoy a bit of time in Park City, Utah.  With Jen!


This was one of the highlights of the year so far (probably top ten,) because Jen was here to experience it with me.  We skied on Friday (for free!), attended a few events on Saturday, and took in three films on Sunday (not free, but oh so worth it).  Basic progression:  Physical Friday, Social Saturday, Emotional and Intellectual Sunday.  My usual trips are basically social, with a dash of intellectual, and book-ended by reclusiveness during travel.  So this was a nice change.


But we parted ways at the airport, Jen to head back home, and me to head east for the rest of the week.


[editor’s note: no major celebrity sightings, although I did get to hang out for a bit with Laurence O’Donnell (or McConnell?  I can’t remember), Nick Cannon (hubby of Mariah Carey and apparently a star in his own right), and Tim Daly (who is a really nice guy, and who Jen mistakenly thinks is no better looking than I.  Ah… blind love.)]


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  1. great video! tree skiing! and some moguls, bro you haven't lost your smooth touch on the bumps. and thanks for the chapstick, Jen!


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