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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spice it up!

Chicago, IL


“The flight attendants who spice it up usually get in trouble,” Rachel replied to an elderly woman who was giggling at the speed and monotony at which Rachel had finished her safety presentation.  “Especially after last week’s crash.”


I know what you mean, Rachel.  I just came from a teacher prep college where students seem to be a little apprehensive about “spicing it up,” especially after this year’s financial crash.  The job market is a bit tight, so taking risks becomes that much tougher when you’re new.


But with a little experience, passion, and creativity, it gets easier to do what’s best for kids.  It doesn’t have to be about “spice,” but it can certainly help!  Be brave, young teachers, and spice it up a little!  Just make sure you’re putting the spice on a good, nutritional, research-backed meal.  Bon appetit!




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  1. well put, brother. soon we may have nothing left to lose. why not get a jump on things?


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