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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

People... and fruit smoothies, too.

Providence, RI


I forgot that I was heading to the coastal Northeast: the rubber chicken circuit is actually the rubber fish circuit here.  Except the fish is really good.


Had a casual dinner with the Governor and his wife, Sue, last night.  Well, casual in that there were just five of us.  Not my usual casual, as in barefoot-in-front-of-the-campfire casual.


The five of us (also included the president of the Rhode Island Retired Teachers Association, Norm, and his wife, Nancy) were all teachers at some point, so the conversation was lively and filled with great stories.  We didn’t talk policy much, but I think the important parts of teaching and learning surfaced quite clearly:  Inspiration, Balance, Humanity, Relevant Skills for Real Life…


I was also lucky enough to see my friends, George Goodfellow (2008 RI Teacher of the Year) and Kathy Mellor (2004 National Teacher of the Year) at lunch today, who both give me a great deal of inspiration.


Someone asked me today at lunch what the best part of this unique year has been.  Without doubt, right after those tasty Odwalla natural fruit juice smoothies I can expense while traveling through airports, it’s gotta be the people.  I have been so fortunate to hang out with some incredible people, many of whom have become good friends, mentors, and colleagues.


Whether barefoot around the fire, or wearing suits and ties around a formal dining table, I’ve been able to connect with real people, and talk about real life.


[here's some local news coverage of the event:  news10education]

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