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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Decisive Factor

Redmond, OR

The teacher may be the most decisive factor in the classroom, but the gate agent is the most decisive factor at the airport gate.  Our agent this morning (and we're talking morning here) was a young gal who was something else.  She joked with passengers, called people by name, and laughed a great deal.  The gate was a happenin' place.

People chatted, smiled and let people go ahead of them into the single restroom.  Even though an older man held up the line at the security checkpoint (he wasn't familiar with the rule "no large pocketknives in carry-on baggage"), there's construction disrupting the normal flow, and it's raining hard outside, she set the tone.  And it was a nice tone.  First thing in the morning.

I love our little airport.


  1. Wanted to let you know, that I am reading every post!! :) So glad that you did this as it's going to be a lot easier to know where you are and what you are up to this way! We've thought about you this summer, knowing you were all over the place.

  2. It's an interesting thing when someone can change the tone of a dreary, rainy morning with their disposition. People like that are rare, but they definitely give you a good feeling about life!


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