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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Does this plane have wings?

Redmond, OR

Lift off.  Our little puddle-jumper (we are heading to Seattle, after all) is a dual prop plane with the wings on top of the fuselage.  I remember the first time my son Aspen flew on a plane like this, he was a bit nervous.  After looking out the window at the tarmac, he flagged down a flight attendant and asked her, "excuse me, but I was just wondering... does this plane have any wings?"  He was used to looking down for the wings, not up!

I've been looking down for most of my education career.  My head has been down, focusing on my work in the trenches.  Now I have a chance to look up a bit, to the future, to the big picture.  I need to trust that the wings are there, and that I'll fly when I need to.


  1. Hi Mike and family,
    We are so proud of you and so excited to see where the Lord takes you and blesses the Geisen family this year.
    The Craig family, Powell Butte, OR

  2. Mike! Congratulations on your achievements! I enjoyed reading your blog and catching up on what my "old" friend has been doing these last several years. Want to play some Aerobie this afternoon? :) Krista Reimer (Roller)


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