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Thursday, March 19, 2009

On Weariness

Columbus, GA


Must… sleep…


Too many events, too much jet lag, too much Southern food.  Must… sleep…


I feel like I’m going soft, though.  I did three speaking engagements and a forum yesterday, and two more talks this morning.  And I’m beat.

True, it’s about 4am in Japan right now, and I’ve been up way too late working on some new ideas, but shoot, I should be able to teach a few… [editor’s note: the scribbles in my journal become unintelligible for the next few words, and then completely trail off.  I guess sleep won.]


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  1. I see you were in my 'ole stomping grounds -= Chicago! How'd you like the windy city? I am supposed to go back in October for my 17 year reunion for high school. My school was so big that during graduation I saw tons of kids I had never laid eyes on before.


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