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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Portland, OR


Election day.  Finally.


It’s been an interesting and exciting few months (the campaigns were much longer, I know, but I don’t start paying too much attention until the pre-season games are over.)  But I’m ready to be done with it.  I want to know whether we should stay in Mexico this winter and extend our beach camping and surfing trip by a few years.


As National Teacher of the Year, I’m not actually allowed to support any particular candidate, ballot measure or product.  So no hemorrhoid cream ads for me!  But it allows me to present my message without having it tainted by political affiliation.  It also gives me an air of mystery and intrigue, which is nice.


I’ll actually be in DC tonight as the results come in, which may be interesting.  I’ll be leaving for Switzerland on Thursday, which may be convenient.


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