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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Redmond, OR


Helped some folks build their new home yesterday.  I’m not fast, or even particularly accurate.  But I was successful: I didn’t pierce myself with any of the pneumatic tools!


Constructivist, yes.  Construction worker, no.



  1. But are you a woodsman? If you can measure within 1 inch of 16" lengths, we have a place for you on the firewood team this weekend...much easier than worrying about 1/16" gaps!

  2. While he's a perfectionist on most fronts, an occasional one inch tolerance could be quite refreshing. Not to mention the sunshine, sawdust and smell of saw gas. Ahhh . . . gotta love fall! Do you have room for two on the team, plus a couple of managers? No bench warmers this time.


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